Established in 1998, World Chinese Media (www.worldchinesemedia.com) is the official website of the World Association of Chinese Mass Media(WACMM), providing global news coverage in Chinese for Chinese media professionals. With over 10 million annual visits, it is a highly visited platform.

The World Association of Chinese Mass Media (WACMM) is a non-profit organization registered with Industry Canada (File Number: 350615-1, Ontario Corporation Number: 1629121). Founded in Toronto in 1998, WACMM has expanded its network to include over 160 Chinese media members in 60+ countries and regions worldwide. It is a professional and independent media organization that does not receive any government funding.

WACMM has also established several initiatives and programs to support its mission, including the World Chinese Media Awards for Outstanding Journalism, which recognizes excellence in Chinese-language journalism and the WACMM Young Journalists Program, which provides training and support for aspiring Chinese-language journalists.

One of the key benefits of being a member of WACMM is the International Press Card, which is issued to its members and recognized worldwide as a valid form of press credentials. Additionally, WACMM provides a platform for Chinese media professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on global news coverage in Chinese language for Chinese audiences.

Overall, WACMM plays an important role in promoting and supporting the Chinese media industry on a global scale.

Dr. Shaoren Gou is the Editor-in-Chief of World Chinese Media and World Chinese Journalists. He is also  the founder and general secretary of the World Association of Chinese Mass Media (WACMM), the International Federation of Chinese Journalists(IFCJ). He graduated from Sichuan Radio & Television University with a major in journalism. He also holds an M.Ed in Education & the Mass Media from the University of Manchester and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from the University of Leicester in England.

Dr. Gou started publishing literary works such as novels, essays, and poems at the age of 18. His works have been published in various publications including newspapers and magazines in China and other countries such as Singapore, UK and the U.S.  He has also published several collections of his works.

Dr. Gou started working as a journalist at the age of 21 and has held various positions including reporter, editor, and chief editor in different newspapers and magazines. He was one of the youngest daily newspaper editors in China at the time. He has participated in the coverage of several national and international events in China, and Canada. He has written extensively about international politics, the economy, the arts, culture, sports and society.

Dr. Gou is recognized as one of the first Chinese journalists to achieve financial independence in the early 1990s during China’s media marketization, which followed the country’s reform and opening up policies.  With over 40 years of experience in journalism, publishing, media management and corporate brand strategy, he is a renowned journalist, writer, and highly respected figure in the worldwide Chinese media industry. His leadership and expertise have been instrumental in the development of WACMM and IFCJ, and its mission to uphold ethical standards in journalism such as accuracy, integrity, while promoting freedom of expression and information.

Dr Shaoren Gou’s poetry and prose collection ‘Faraway Mountains and Rivers’ was published in 1994 by Holdery Publishing Enterprises Limited in Hong Kong.



Dr. Shaoren Gou

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