Established in 1998, World Chinese Media (official website of World Association of Chinese Mass Media ) is a worldwide news media for  Chinese media professions in Chinese, with over 10 million visits per year.

World Association of Chinese Mass Media (WACMM) was established in Toronto, Canada in 1998, as a not-for-profit organization, registered by Industry Canada (File Number: 350615-1, Ontario Corporation Number: 1629121), since then, WACMM has become a worldwide media association with more than 160 Chinese media members in over 60 countries & regions.



Dr. Shaoren Gou

Editorial Board

Shanshan Sun (France)

Yuping Zhong (United Kingdom)

 Baolin Cheng (United States)

 Liyang Wu (China)

Dong Rui (Hong Kong)

Ligong Yu (Austria)

Dr. Shaoren Gou (Canada)

 More information in ENGLISH will come soon...